Joanna Angel Writes, Directs ‘The Evening They Came For Lacy’ for Adult Time Anthology

  • Joanna Angel Writes, Directs ‘The Evening They Came For Lacy’ for Adult Time Anthology

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    LOS ANGELES — “Porn’s Queen of Halloween” Joanna Angel writes, directs and stars in “The Evening They Came for Lacy,” an episode of Pure Taboo’s new horror anthology “Beneath the Bed.”

    “For many years, Joanna has been porn’s Queen Of Halloween,” says a rep. “From parodies of ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ to authentic fare like ‘Cindy, Queen Of Hell’ and this year’s ‘Three Cheers For Satan,’ her special blend of intercourse, gore and camp has turn out to be to All Hallow’s Eve what the Grinch and Charlie Brown are to Christmas!”

    Bree Mills tapped Angel as a logical selection for the inaugural season of Grownup Time’s “Beneath The Bed” anthology, which the company’s Chief Creative Officer described as “present day horror tv for grownups that occurs to have intercourse in it.”

    In the episode, entitled “The Evening They Came for Lacy,” the titular protagonist flashes back to the day that she (Lacy Lennon) killed two of her very best friends (played by Angel and Katrina Jade) and her boyfriend (Little Hands) in a horrific automobile accident.

    Lennon’s guilt-ridden go to to their graves on the anniversary of their deaths, in accordance to the rep, “takes a terrifying and sexy turn, though, when they rise from their caskets to engage in a spirited 3-on-a single detest-fuck zombie orgy!”

    “While it is been a tradition of mine to make a characteristic horror-comedy every single 12 months for Burning Angel,” Angel explained, “this 12 months I now have something to make you laugh and make you cry. Both way, there’s a lot of blood and intercourse, and the members of Grownup Time will have plenty of gore to wank it to this October!”

    Angel praised increasing star Lennon’s acting capabilities. “Lacy is outstanding! Her tears and screams felt so genuine, it was petrifying. She’s a true star, in each acting and intercourse. For that purpose, I’ll forgive her for murdering me.”

    “I had no clue what I was obtaining myself into when I got my script from Joanna,” added Lennon. “I was stoked to operate for and with some of the most amazing men and women in our sector. By the finish of the set, I had a scraped knee, no far more vocals from all the screaming and some great intercourse that had my legs shaking constantly. There was a single stage where we were striving to figure out the intercourse and we all stated, ‘Fuck yeah, we’ll fuck in the dirt!’ Ha!”

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